T-Made 75


Professional stem glass, made of next generation mouth blown and handcrafted crystalline glass. Extraordinarily light, elegant and easy to handle. T-made 75 is the result of careful studies, carried out with a ‘sartorial’ approach on the organoleptic sensations of wines. The flat-bottomed bowl is designed to weaken the impact of alcohol and enhance the softness and complexity of the wine thanks to a greater ratio between surface and oxygen. The tapered walls, combined with the pronounced rim, enhance the elegance of the wine while the diameter of the rim enhances the freshness and balance to the palate.



T-made 75 

Designed by Italesse

High Performance professional wine glass




730 cc / 24 1⁄2 oz


Next generation mouth blown and handcrafted crystalline glass


For tasting and serving elegant, structured and complex wines

T-made 75

Designed by Italesse

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2 pieces box, 6 pieces box, 2 pieces box + microfiber towel, 6 pieces box + microfiber towel

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