A long list of brands, which place quality at the centre of their objectives, have chosen Italesse to enhance the value of their offers and to convey their image strongly. These include numerous chains of luxury hotels, bars and restaurants, producers of wine, spirits and other beverages.
The design and professional quality of our products are the strong points that have allowed for the emergence of long partnerships.
Among the various products, our professional goblets are highly appreciated by those who make wine or enhance it at the sale, not to mention the wine lovers who seek emotions at the time of tasting.
Although it is impossible to list all our customers, we thank them all equally for the trust they place in us every day.

1. Italy

2. France

3. Spain

4. United Kingdom

5. Holland

6. Danemark

7. Sweden

8. Georgia

9. United Arab Emirates

10. United States

11. Mexico

12. Cuba

13. Brazil

14. Hong Kong

15. Japan